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Our Work

We believe our work speaks volumes.

At Profilebroadcast, we let our work do the talking. Listen to some of our selected works or contact us today.


Clio - Blackcomb Mountain radio, Whistler, BC.

IBA - CFUN Radio, Vancouver.

New York City Radio Festival - 1050 CHUM, Toronto.

Promax Asia Winner - AXN Singapore.

Fear Itself

AXN Singapore

Black Hawk Down


24 New Season

AXN Singapore

San Jose Sharks

Comcast Sports Net (SF)

New Year

AXN Singapore

Wall Of Hereos


Super Bowl Promo

Sporting News Radio (Audio only)

History of Rock

CHUM Radio (Audio only)

Understanding The Digital Generation


You've helped us turn some good promos into great ones and we're looking forward to many, many more!

Maria Saavera Creative Services Director KTSM-TV El Paso, Texas